Avoid the obvious options with the slot machines

Avoid the obvious options with the slot machines



How to pick the winning slot machine the next time I visit the casino? This is a question which a lot of people ask themselves on a daily basis. Well, we have an useful tip for you – avoid the obvious options!

What do we mean actually by “obvious options”? Well, let us explain.

It’s not an easy thing to find about a slot machine’s payout and volatility. Take it like this – if it was easy, then we all would have been millionaires by now. But it’s not.

A good tip to have in mind is this – avoid the obvious options. The obvious slot is a slot which you see basically everywhere – on the front pages, banners, all over the casino’s website and so on. These are the slots which the casino wants you to play. If it’s the case, then this slot is probably not offering the best payots. Because if it was, would it be promoted like this everywhere?

Instead of falling for the most promoted slots, you should dig a little bit deeper. For example, when you open the casino’s website,check out the slots which are hidden on the second or the third page. Who knows, maybe they are paying much more?

Thing logically – if the casino is trying to hide this slot on the second or the third page, then maybe there’s a reason for this. The statistics show that most of the people pick the slots on the front page, just because they are much easier to find. That’s why many of them are not the best ones – because the casino wants to avoid losing money.

That’s one clever tip we can give you rght now. Try it by yourself the next time you open your favourite online casino. Maybe it will work out for you. Follow us for more casino player development strategies 2020.