Clever Ways How the Casino Keeps You Playing

Clever Ways How the Casino Keeps You Playing

You spend a lot of money, but you keep coming back for more and more. It happened to all of us who love playing casino games. It could be really addicting. But have you noticed that the casino has a lot of tricky ideas how to keep you playing? In our casino player development strategies article today we are going to discuss this with you.


Some smart people say that the casinos just know how to make you take decisions which sometimes even go against your own interest. We completely agree. Here are some of the well known casino tricks they do to you.


There’s no clock


That’s right – the casinos just don’t want you to know what time it is. More you play, better for them.


Free alcohol keeps coming


They also want you to get a little bit drunk. When your judgment is not clear, there’s a bigger chance that you will spend more money.


They often offer free room


The more you are in the hotel, the more you are going to spend in the casino. They know this very well, so for them it’s a winning situation to offer you a free room and a bed.


Every rare win is accompanied by a huge celebration


You must know that your chances of hitting the jackpot are really slim. But when someone manages to catch the big prize, there’s usually a huge celebration. Why? Because it inspires you to try win, too. And again, and again. Until you’re out of money.


The bathrooms are in strategical positions


If you want to visit the bathroom, usually you walk through the entire casino and you see more and more other choices for playing. This is not a coincedence. That’s why the bathrooms are put there – it’s a really tricky idea.


These are some of the clever ways the casinos are tricking us to play more and more. For more casino player development strategies keep sure to follow us.