Dare to try? Three of the most ridiculous bets ever

Dare to try? Three of the most ridiculous bets ever



Bookmakers just love to test their customers’ luck with all kinds of crazy bets. If you’re a fan of gambling, you probably already know that you can make a bet on basically everything. For example, there once was a (1,000/1) bet that the legendary founder of the Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner would admit to being a virgin. Crazy, right? Let’s take a look at three of the most ridiculous bets of all time in our roulette inside bets.


We’re going to find a proof that aliens exist


Humanity just loves to discuss this subject matter – are aliens real? Do they exist? Will they ever visit us? Science made a huge breakthrough when they discovered carbonates under the mountains of the planet Mars. After the news were delivered to the public, the betting companies created a 80/1 bet that the existence of aliens is going to be proved in the next three years.


The size of Donald Trump’s penis


Donald Trump already beat the bets when he was elected a president of the United States. But this didn’t stop the betting sites to create all kind of bets regarding this unusual politician. The famous betting company PaddyPower even created a bet about Trump’s penis size.


Is it going to be the end of the world?


Most probably you remember what happened in 2012. Some folks started talking about an ancient Mayan prophecy which was telling that the world is going to end that year. Of course, the media used this opportunity to monetize the people’s fears which resulted to a huge hysteria. Some betting companies in England even offered 5000/1 bets that the prophecy would become real and the world will come to an end at December 21. Our question is this: who was going to pay the money?


These are three of the most ridiculous bets ever created. For even more interesting information, be sure to keep up with our roulette inside bets.