Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat – pt. 2

Few quick tips for getting better at baccarat – pt. 2

Hello, pals! Once again we are here to discuss the beautiful game of baccarat and some useful tricks you can use in order to achieve a greater success. After all, we all want to win some money from our hobby of gambling, right? In our casino strategy to win big we will give you again some tips you can use the next time you try to play baccarat. Here we go!

After you lose on the Banker bet, wait one decision before going again


In our previous article about baccarat we adviced you that betting on the Banker is probably the best idea, especially when looking for a streak. But how we know very well, there’s no streak that goes forever. When it happens to lose while betting on the Banker, don’t rush yourself into another bet. It’d be a better idea to wait a little bit and more precisely – the next decision.

Thinking about mini-baccarat? Have it in mind it could be dangerous!


The mini-baccarat is a much different version of the traditional baccarat. The game is much faster, the cards are dealed by a dealer and you could face between 150 and 200 decisions per hour. When you have so much decisions in the game, it means that the house edges become much more dangerous for you. If you intend to start playing the mini-baccarat, our advice is to bet on the Banker until you lose.

The way you manage your money is just critical


Remember that baccarat is a very risky game. Some might say that it’s like flipping a coin – sometimes you rely too much on luck. Be careful how big is your session bankroll and how many units you’re betting per decision. Just like any other gambling game, don’t lose more money than you can afford to.

These are our tips about baccarat in our casino strategy to win big. Good luck!