Five of the most famous casino superstitions

Five of the most famous casino superstitions


To be superstitious is a completely normal thing. Even well educated people could have some superstitions they are always careful about. It’s a very human trait after all. But what about superstitions in the casino? In this article, which is part of our roulette lucky numbers, we will present some of the most famous ones.


Some numbers are lucky, some are not


It’s quite a bullshit, because numbers are just numbers – that’s all. The number 13 is a pretty famous example of a number a lot of people are afraid of. And the opposite – it’s highly considered that 7 is a lucky number, especially if you love slot machines. The truth? There ain’t no lucky or unlucky numbers.


Lucky charms


Many casino lovers have lucky charms or lucky clothes. For example, they always visit the casino with a particular hat or jacket. Some other are bringing with them specific charms like rabbit foot or horseshoe. Our advice: don’t be so deeply connected to certain things, believing that they are bringing you luck. Most likely they don’t.


Certain physical actions


A lot of people’s superstitions are actually leading to certain physical actions. For example, some people are crossing fingers, while other are knocking on wood. Kissing a companion or stacking the chips in a specific way is also something we have seen. That’s funny to watch, but it’s not helping you in any way, you can be sure about that.


$50 Bills


This sounds a little bit strange, but it’s actually pretty popular among bettors in America. According to this superstition, $50 bills are considered unlucky in the casino and a lot of players refuse them during exchange for chips. This is because of the legend that in the past gangsters in Vegas were tucking $50 bills in their victims’ jackets in the desert.


Not using the front entrance


According to this superstition, if you enter the casino through its front entrance it’s going to bring you bad luck. Why? Because the people with bad luck are exiting the casino through the same entrance.


These are some of the well known superstitions between gamblers you can see in the casino. Our advice for you is to avoid believing in such things. They are just stupid myths. Keep following us for more articles and some good roulette lucky numbers.