How to bluff successfully in poker: The essentials

How to bluff successfully in poker: The essentials



If you’re playing poker or you intend to do it in future, you probably already know that bluffing is one of the most important things in this game. If you want to beat your opponents at the table, you must be able to trick them about the hand you have. Here’s a quick guide for the essentials, when it comes to bluffing in poker. Keep following us for more video poker perfect strategy in future.


Your first task at the table is this: you must be aware exactly how many opponents you have at the table. This will give you a good information about how much you will have to bluff or not. The logic is simple: less the opponents you have, easier it’s going to be to make them fold.


One of the most important things in bluffing is this: when you get your cards, no matter if they are good or not, you should not show any emotion with your face. This is why the call it “a poker face” – because it’s ain’t showing anything.


Some experts usually advice to make a bet or raise someone else’s bet, because it makes you look more confident to the other players at the table. Continiuing to bet will probably intimidate the other players and make them think that your hand is pretty good.


If you notice that the other players are continuing through the river card, then maybe this is the right moment to make a threatening bet to the others. Just an important advice: don’t do it out of the ordinary, because you might be suspected in bluffing. If the other players continue through the turn card, then you might want to make a pretty big out of the ordinary. You can be sure that the other players will look at this as a threat and many of them, if not all, will fold.


The experts are saying this: in order to bluff successfully, always try to look completely “normal”. If you have a certain style of playing, stick to it. But remember this – bluffing is a great thing, if you do it right, but it can’t last forever. If you have a really awful hand, then maybe it’d be a better idea to fold.


These are the essentials about bluffing in poker. Stick with us, because we have many useful articles to offer you in our video poker perfect strategy.