Oscar’s grind is a pretty simple betting system

Oscar’s grind is a pretty simple betting system, which you can use the next time you play the roulette. Let us explain you what this system really is.

History of the system


The year is 1965. In the United States they are using the world’s most powerful computer – IBM 790 in order to find a way to beat the roulette. For a big surprise (and pretty scary for the casino owners), the computer offers a system which can “survive” exactly 280 000 spins of the roulette. This is like an eternity. If you think about it, one spin of the roulette lasts around half a minute. With this system, the player could last the roulette without a problem for around 100 days. But of course, it’s very different when the system is being played by a super computer and just an ordinary human.

How to play the Oscar’s grind?


It’s pretty simple. Place one coin on your favourite colour.

If you lose, the next time you bet exactly the same amount which you have llost.

If you win, the next time place one coin more than the previous time.

You repeat this process until you win.

Some people consider the Oscar’s grind pretty similar to another strategy, which is called the Paroli. Both strategies have the same thought in their design – they try to take advantage of the table being “hot and cold”. In other words, it’s based on the theory that your winnings and your losses will come in streaks. The downside of the strategy is the fact that it’s not always a sure thing that your wins and losses will come exactly in streaks.