Playing roulette in Macau – what should I know?

Playing roulette in Macau – what should I know?



If you’re fan of land casinos, then most probably you know some things about the Chinese city of Macau. They often call it “the Chinese Las Vegas” and this is not much far from the truth. Macau is the gambling capital of Asia and there are reasons for this. Let’s discuss it in our perfect roulette strategy today.


It’s not very difficult to find a casino in Macau, because they are building new casinos all of the time. According to some data, it’s expected that the revenue from gambling in Macau will reach 5 billion dollars this year. This is more than the revenue of Las Vegas, which is impressive.


If you intend to travel to Macau and check out the casinos there, you can’t miss the Wynn casino. It’s pretty luxury and very nice, plus it offers high-stakes European roulette, including the so called “en prison rule”, which is better for you – the player.


Few words for the roulette in Macau. In Macau roulette is being played pretty much in the same way it’s being played everywhere. The good thing is that usually there’s only one zero on the wheel, which is better for the players.


It’s important to say that in Macau the casinos are usually having higher bet minimums, which means that the long shot is more of a risk there. Some people think that these high minimums are the reason why roulette is less popular than other games in Macau.


For most people Macau is a remote destination. But if you find a solid offer for plane tickets and hotel/apartment, do not hesitate even for a second – Macau is a marvelous place for gambling lovers.


These are our tips about gambling in Macau we are offering you in our perfect roulette strategy to win. We wish you good luck.