Safety comes first: How to avoid getting robbed of your casino money (Pt. 1) 

Safety comes first: How to avoid getting robbed of your casino money (Pt. 1) 


Leaving entertainment and fun aside, we all visit the casino with one thought in mind – to win as much money as possible. This is what everyone tries to do when rolling the dices or being in front of the slot machine. But if it happens to win it big in the casino, you must be careful about your money and avoid getting robbed. Here are some of our tips regarding safety in our roulette advantage play for today.


Don’t show off with your money


You won some money? That’s great! But the biggest mistake you can do is trying to show off and make sure that everyone in the casino knows about your lucky day. You can’t know if there are some bad guys in the casino or not, looking for a possible victim to rob. Keep it as quiet as you can, take your money and go home.


Keep away from the most dangerous parts of town


Every town has certain areas which are pretty dangerous – dark alleys, parking lots and streets with bad light and more. Avoid places like these if you’re carrying some cash with you. Also, be careful with using the services of unlicensed taxi companies.


Try to avoid alcohol and drugs


The best way to lose the cash you’re carrying with you is to get drunk or stoned with some drugs. Believe us – you would be a really easy victim for the robbers, if you can’t walk in a straight line. If you intend to put these money in the bank on the next day, keep yourself sober.


These are some of our safety tips about avoiding getting robbed in or outside the casino. We hope we were useful for you. For more of the same, keep in touch with our roulette advantage play articles.