Safety comes first: How to avoid getting robbed of your casino money (Pt. 2)   

Safety comes first: How to avoid getting robbed of your casino money (Pt. 2) 



Here we are once again to discuss the ways to keep yourself safe from eventual robbery in our outside the casino. You should never think that you’re completely safe from something like this happening. You’re not. Robberies happen all of the time and if you don’t want to become a victim, follow our tips. Here are more of them in our roulette advantage play. Let’s go.


Be careful how you dress


One wise man once said – “Never be the loudest person in the room”. Remember that the way you dress could make you a target. Just think about it – if you put all of the flashy clothes and expensive watches you have, don’t you think that robbers and criminal would pick you up? You will surely get their attention and that’s not a good idea, especially if you’re carrying money with yourself.


Pay attention to the danger of pickpocketing


Pickpocketing is a real thing and in some cities the people who do it are really good. For example, Barcelona is a beautiful town, but do you know that it’s also the most dangerous place in Europe when it comes to pickpocketing? If you’re leaving the casino with a lot of money, be sure to keep them in your front pockets. And pay attention when you’re walking on crowded streets.


You’re not completely safe at the table, too


Don’t think that you can’t get robbed in the casino itself. It’s a pretty common thing in the casinos to be robbed of your chips while you’re not looking. In many cases the casino surveillance is not helping, too. So, pay attention to your chips all of the time.


These are some other of our safety tips regarding the casino. Always pay attention and don’t forget that safety comes first. For other articles like this one keep in touch with our roulette advantage play articles.