Some of the biggest blackjack myths that currently exist (Pt. 1)

Some of the biggest blackjack myths that currently exist (Pt. 1)


We as people tend to believe all kind of stupid things we read on the internet. And let’s be honest – the internet is pretty full with bullshit, that’s the truth. If you love the great game of blackjack, you have probably heard or read a lot of false information online. In our casino blackjack strategy chart for today we will present you some of the biggest myths about blackjack.


It’s illegal to count cards


Let’s say it like this – don’t believe everything you do see in the movies. Counting cards is not really illegal, but it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t get forced out of the casino if you do it. If you’re playing online then don’t bother – it won’t work.


The main aim in blackjack is to hit 21


You’ve probably heard that what blackjack players are trying to do is get a hand which is close to 21. Here’s an important thing to remember – that’s not the point of the game. In fact, if you’re getting obsessed with hitting the 21, there’s a big chance you’re going to lose. The goal of the game is pretty simple – to have a better hand than the dealer.


If you’re good at math you’ll be successful in blackjack


Sorry to dissapoint you, but no – your good math grades in school won’t make you a fantastic blackjack player. Just practice and you will get better with time.


Blackjack is always the game with the lowest house edge


Some blackjack players are able to lower the house edge to just 0.5%, which is pretty great. But the truth is it depends on your skills and the way you’re playing . It’s nov valid for everyone.


Don’t go to a dealer if he’s on a winning streak


Many blackjack players are afraid to step up to a dealer if he’s on some kind of a winning streak. The truth is this does not mean anything, because blackjack is a game of luck and skill. The dealer is not manipulating the game in any way.


That’s some of our casino blackjack strategy chart tips about blackjack. We discussed some of the biggest myths about the game you should not believe.