Some of the biggest blackjack myths that currently exist (Pt. 2)

Some of the biggest blackjack myths that currently exist (Pt. 2)


We are here once again to discuss with you some of the most known myths about blackjack you can read or here. This is a part of our casino blackjack strategy chart we try to present you on a regular basis. Let’s check out five more myths about this great game.


Players with bad skills can affect your winnings


This is simply not true. The unskilled players can’t have any influence on your performance because their actions have no real impact on the ability of the dealer to win or lose. Players are playing against the dealer and the result is always a random thing. Bad players on your table do not affect you in any thing.


With progressive betting you can win more


Even if you try to double your bets after each loss, which is basically a progressive betting, it does not guarantee you absolutely nothing. Just never forget this – every blackjack hand is totally random.


You should always accept even money


Not really. There’s no truth in the statement that you must always accept the even money or the so called insurance from the dealer. No matter what, the dealer’s chances to have a blackjack are no higher than 31%.


The dealer is always having a 10 in the hole


Why you are being so pessimistic? Do you actually remember that just 16 of 52 cards have such a value? That’s 30% chance. The numbers don’t lie, my friend.


Just because you are losing a lot you’re going to win


We wish it was like this. If you are losing a lot of consecutive rounds, it doesn’t mean that you are suddenly going to win. There’s no nature law existing like this one.


These are some of the well known myths about blackjack that exist. Keep up with our casino blackjack strategy chart tips for even more useful info like this. Take care!