Terrance Watanabe – the man who lost more than $200 million on gambling  

Terrance Watanabe – the man who lost more than $200 million on gambling



If you’re just starting to enter the fascinating world of gambling, most probably you’ve heard this a couple of times already – never put on the table money you can’t afford to lose. Many people forget this rule and they find themselves too deep in debts which usually ruin their lives. But believe or not, history knows a man who have lost more than $200 million on gambling. His name is Terrance Watanabe. Let us tell you his story in our casino blackjack strategy chart.


Terrance Watanabe is an American businessman who allowed his love of gambling to go way too far. According to many sources, Watanabe lost around $220 million because of his habit to spend his time in the casino.


What’s really unusual about him is that he didn’t spend his time playing just “skill games” like blackjack or baccarat, but very often he tried his luck with games like roulette, keno or the slot machines, where pure chance is playing a bigger role than everything else.


This is the main reason why the casinos were calling Terrance Watanabe a “house player”. This means that he was doing them a huge favour with playing mainly games where the house has the edge over the player.


Years later Watanabe admitted of having a mental problem which led to the huge financial losses he suffered. He admitted that he was a “compulsive gambler” and he couldn’t control himself. He thinks that the casinos took advantage of him, so that’s the main reason why he lost so much money. But the truth is that the casinos didn’t do nothing illegal – he basically gave them his money with the way he was playing.


Watanabe claimed that some casinos supplied with him with drugs and alcohol, so he could gamble as much as possible. These claimes were never proved, though.


That’s the sad history of Terrance Watanabe who lost around $220 million to his passion of gambling. Sounds crazy, but yes – there are people who really lost that much. Be sure to follow our casino blackjack strategy chart for more curious stories like this one.