The crazy ways to spend your casino money in Las Vegas (part 2)

The crazy ways to spend your casino money in Las Vegas (part 2)



Here we are once again in order to discuss a really interesting subject matter – how you can spend or lose your casino money in the Sin City Las Vegas. Trust us – it’s way more easier than you probably imagine. Let’s take a look with our top slots review guide for today.


Play some golf at the Topgolf at MGM Grand


Some might say it’s a cliche, but it’s true – rich people really love to play golf. Even if you’re not really rich, but you have some money and want to feel like one, you can try the Topgolf at the legendary MGM Grand. It would cost you $8,000, but you’d also enjoy a bay host, a premium bar with some expensive drinks and some really tasty things to eat. And yes – you can make some good pictures for your Instagram.


A VIP seat for the Cirque du Soleil’s


You probably know that Cirque du Soleil’s is one of the most famous entertaining spectacles in the world. It’s a truly magnificent thing to experience. If you have the chance to watch it – do it. And while in Las Vegas, you can do it from the comfort of your VIP seat. For $457, you’d get the chance for a meet and greet with the performers and the opportunity to enjoy some really good champaigne and tasty treats.


The pleasure of a really expensive massage


If you’re into massages and you have some money to spend, you have to try the four hands massage at the Spa at Encore. Four hands means that two therapists will work on your body, doing it in a perfect synchron. You will feel the pleasure to sense some amazing oils on your skin and you’ll feel as relaxed as possible. Only for $600 per session.


These are some of the ways you can spend your casino money while visiting the best gambling spot on Earth – Las Vegas. Stay with us if you want some more top slots review guides.