It’s okay to play casino games just for fun. We all do it sometimes. But let’s admit it – in most of the time, you want to win good money, right?

The truth is that not every casino game is treating you the same. Different games have different payout percentages. This percentages allow us to determine the casino’s house edge. Explained in a few simple words, this is the advantage which the casino holds over the player.

You have two options ahead of you. One is to use certain strategies, which could reduce the house edge. The other one is to play the games which are simply giving you the lowest house edge. Let’s see some of them below in our casino strategy to win big.

10. Backgammon


This is a popular table game, which you can see regularly at the online casinos. The game’s pretty old, but still very interesting.

9. Carribean Stud Poker


This is basically stud poker, but without all of the bluffing and the poker faces. Here you must beat the house, not the other players. One of the good things about Carribean Stud Poker is the jackpot bet, which could win you some good cash.

8. Pai Gow Poker


Just think about it – what could happen if you mix the antique Chinese domino with the good old poker? Something like this. This card game is actually very fun. Just try it and you will probaby love it.

7. Roulette (Single Zero)


When you play this classic game on the single zero version, you are actually getting a higher player edge as well. Have this in mind the next time when you decide to play some roulette.

6. Slots


The kings of every casino, no doubt about that. To reduce the house edge, always look for the different extra features which the different developers of slot games are offering you – free spins, jackpots and interactive bonus rounds.

These are five of the casino games with the lowest house edge you can play right now. Stay with us, because we are going to offer you a lot more in our casino strategy to win big.