In this article we are going to talk once again about the casino games with the lowest house edge. House edge is important, because more or less, it determines your chances to beat the casino and win some good money. Let’s once again take a look at some of the games with the lowest house edge in our casino strategy to win big.


  1. Video Poker


Some people might try to sell you the theory that video poker is having a house edge of, be careful – 0%. If you apply the right strategy, of course. To be honest with you, it’s pretty hard for us to believe this, because after all, the casinos exist to take your money before everything else. But one of the best things about poker is that this is a game of skill, so it could be really rewarding at the end.


  1. Three Card Poker


If you’re looking for a quick and really fun way to play poker, than this could be the game for you. Because of its speed, the three card poker got really popular lately. While playing this, you can apply a basic poker strategy and enjoy some good success.


  1. Baccarat


Less action, more strategy – this is what many fans like about baccarat. We’ve discussed some baccarat strategies before. This is a pretty old game, which became very popular thanks to the legendary James Bond franchise.


  1. Craps


A lot of fans just adore craps, because this game is so exciting. It’s difficult to play this and rely just on luck, but in the same time the house edge is really low, which gives you some good chances of a solid profit.


  1. Blackjack (Single Deck)


A lot of experts are going to advice you to choose the single deck version of blackjack, so you could increase your chances of success. In this case, you’d get a much lower house edge than usual.


These are some of the games with the lowest house edge you can find in the casino. We wish you good luck with our casino strategy to win big!